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Value Engineering


Augmenting our commercial solar experience, Albion Power Company’s licensed C-10 electricians and C-39 roofers are capable of “best method” construction due to their wide breadth of experience in and outside of solar. Our labor pool is comprised of talent routinely involved in some of the more complex procedures in their respective fields. Beyond apprentice solar installers, our staff assembles roofs and comprehensive electrical systems year round.

Our roofers have experience integrating PVC, modified bitumen, BUR, TPO, slate, copper, green roofs, and Title 24 membrane. When integrating into a roof, many solar installers simply punch a lag-bolt through the roof and apply caulking to seal the penetration; we do not believe this is a method conducive to lasting the life of the investment. Albion Power Company anchors directly into the substrate of the roof and integrates the system by flashing custom fabricated metal, sealed by our licensed roofers. This makes a difference in that our systems meet National Roofing Code—please discriminate when finding a company that does not achieve this standard. Our systems become part of the roof rather than a frail attachment.

Our electricians also exceed limitations based on experience. While many companies are limited to solar interconnection intersected to the utility by adding a breaker at the electrical service, Albion Power Company has a wide arsenal of options at its disposal. Our commercial and industrial electricians have the ability to connect at the utilities’ incoming point with a line side tap should it make the project more cost effective for the client or enhance the efficiency. Our commercial and industrial experience also advances the work-manship on large commercial installations; such electrical systems usually have more complex engineering that requires the caliber of commercial electricians on our staff. The added options allow the client a qualitative choice as to the best electrical methodology available.

Albion Power Company's design and engineering team customizes each system with the outlook that we conform to and satisfy the unique requirements of each building. Rather than splicing together off-the-shelf racking, our design team specifies structural grade aluminum for the rack assembly, with an emphasis on UBC seismic safety and wind load calculations. Such enables our team to customize a confluence of power density, aesthetics, and engineering. This design capacity enables us to accommodate the needs of commercial projects and high-end architectural considerations.

Please read through our attached references so as to put some of our qualitative attributes in context.

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