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Part of our original mission at Albion Power Company was to take our high level commercial construction practices and extend them to residential customers. Few residential solar installers offer the experience of C-10 and C-39 electricians and roofers presented by our staff. Our residential systems are not off the shelf racking feebly attached with a lag bolt and caulking as is commonly done in residential solar.  Our system is anchored directly into the substrate of the roof and integrated by flashing custom fabricated metal, which is sealed by our licensed roofers. This makes a difference in that our systems meet National Roofing Code—please discriminate when finding a company that does not achieve this standard. Our systems become part of the roof rather than a frail attachment.

Residential solar investment is analogous to owning the means of production versus renting from the utility. Solar technology utilizes a free fuel source and, once the system has produced enough energy to recoup up front costs, the homeowner sees a financial return on an otherwise inescapable utility expense.

Residential homeowners are eligible to receive a 30% Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) based upon the cost of the system, expediting the payback period considerably.

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